2023 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Intelligent Computing (BIC 2023)


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The 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Intelligent Computing will be held in Sanya, China on  February 10-12, 2023. The conference will greatly condense the strength of Chinese scholars in this field, and enable Chinese bioinformatics and intelligent computing to develop to a higher level and higher quality. This conference will invite well-known scholars in the field of bioinformatics and intelligent computing at home and abroad. The reports will be divided into: conference reports, invited reports, oral presentations and poster presentations to exchange achievements in bioinformatics and intelligent computing research and technology Latest results and progress. The organizing committee of the conference sincerely invites scholars in the fields of bioinformatics and intelligent computing, colleagues, graduate students and related companies engaged in bioinformatics and intelligent computing to participate in the conference.  


Full Paper Submission Date

January 31, 20223

Registration Deadline

February 05, 2023

Final Paper Submission Date

February 10, 2023

Conference Dates

February 10-12, 2023

Call For Paper


Algorithms, models, software, and tools in Bioinformatics

Any novel approaches to bioinformatics problems

Applications to diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation

Biological devices/Biosensors and Molecular Diagnostics

Computational proteomics

DNA and RNA structure, function and sequence analysis

Experimental methods for model validation

Gene engineering and protein engineering

Gene regulation, expression, identification and network

Genomics and Proteomics

Imaging, instrumentation and sensors for model generation and identification

Immuno- and Chemo-Informatics

Multiscale modelling and integrative research

Next Generation Sequencing

Pharmaceutical Applications

Probabilistic and optimization methods in bioengineering

Protein interactions, docking and function

Protein structure, function and sequence analysis

Sequence Analysis

Structural Bioinformatics

Structural, functional and comparative genomics

Structure Prediction

Synthetic biology

Intelligent Computing

designing and building hardware & software systems processing,structuring 

managing various kinds of information

scientific research 

making computer systems behave intelligently

creating and using communications & entertainment media 

Bioinformatics & Intelligent Computing

Algorithms and Software Tools

Algorithms, models, software, and tools in Bioinformatics

Biostatistics and Stochastic Models

Computational evolutionary biology

Computational Intelligence

Computational Molecular Systems

Computational Neuroscience

Data acquisition, normalization, analysis and visualization

Data management and modelling tools

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Databases and Data Management

Drug design and computer aided diagnosis

Emerging numerical methods and computational tools

Formal Verification of Biological Systems

Gene regulation, expression, identification and network

High-performance computational systems biology and parallel implementations

Image Analysis

Inference from high-throughput experimental data

Information Technology applications to computational bioengineering

Model Design and Evaluation

Model integration from biological databases

Multi-scale modelling and analysis methods

Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Classification

Simulation and Modeling

Subject-specific and population-based modelling methods

Systems Biology



Web Services in Bioinformatics


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